Sex! Witches!!! Nudity!!!!! And yes, ethics….

Got your attention, eh?  OK, so this blog is pretty public and it’s not exactly hard to find me on the internet. Plus I’m a University lecturer with a need to maintain a certain level of decorum (although I don’t name my employers here and they are not associated with these views.) Plus, my daughters […]

So, you want to do a PhD?

(Warning: the following contains large amounts of personal opinion masquerading as facts, liberal quantities of prejudice and a highly judgemental tone. Please prepare yourself for disagreeing with every word.) Why would you do that to yourself? No, seriously, you really need to answer that question. Why do you want a PhD at all? OK, I’ll […]

Back to the moors

About fifty years ago I used to spend family holidays in the North Yorkshire Moors, travelling from home in Middlesbrough for days out at Roseberry Topping or summer holiday weeks in Rosedale. My uncle had a cottage there; he worked in what was still known as Dorman Long – the steelworks that prefabricated the Sydney […]