This occasional blog is about psychology, paganism, popular culture, politics and whatever else comes to mind.

The title comes from a line in the Wiccan liturgy, published many times in print and on the web: “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” The Goddess speaks through her priestess to instruct her followers and it seems such a joyful injunction. Much more life-enhancing than a string of “Thou shalt not” prohibitions. So with mirth and reverence, here we go.

I am a lecturer in psychology, an initiated Wiccan priest, a practitioner of Cognitive Analytic Therapy, a Yorkshireman, a husband and father, an intermittent runner, a Wikipedia administrator and a former British Army officer. Some or all of these influences may be visible in the posts I make.

Blog posts will in general be open for comment and I will not in general edit or remove others’ posts unless they are grossly uncivil or purely spammy. I quite enjoy argument but if I stop responding it may be that I have said all I have to say.


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